In the digital world The business to keep pace with globalization. And economic changes that have affected business sentiment and it was inevitable. Restaurant and Hot promotions to maintain business stability. And the revenue Requires hand skill And management is not less. And the cost of managing one's budget is to be allocated. Restaurant Management System With computer Applications software In addition to a To make it easier to do business. Also as a strategy The advantage in the competition.

        Restaurant business today That does not have the IT or computer software program that would use competitive disadvantage. Because customer behavior with the behavior of a global trend that both systems work with people for a long time. There fatigue May result in decreased performance against taking orders, sending the wrong, wrong charges, charges against the table, earning reports are incorrect and result in more losses in the future. Let us help you today are tired With the system of Order Anywhere allows these problems go away.



Order Anywhere is ?

          Order Anywhere app is split applications onions software is developed and designed to manage the restaurant business with a storefront and sell food items are made to order.
When the transaction and receipt of orders completed. By using a smartphone or tablet as a media device. And command to all parties concerned.

Order Anywhere business suit you?

  1. The business has sales, such as coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream and so on.

  2. Business gifts And billing (Order to Bill), including restaurants, food etc. Hot promotions.

Why choose Order Anywhere

1. Actually works with the development and design experience of system restaurants. The Analysis and Design According to information

2. The interaction is Users can access the applications. User-defined functions.

3. You can select the display language is English. And Thailand have a simplification.

4. Easy to install peripheral devices such as cash drawer and a small printer (Receipt printer) to print a receipt or order it. System Design To connect with a wide-open. And the ubiquitous devices Easy to install And not attached to the hand Users can Set a budget for the purchase of the equipment itself.

5.Using data on a smartphone or tablet running the operating system Android, which is highly effective, affordable and distribute as many general.

6. The printer has a print run fast. Although there are many printing machines simultaneously. Owner access The system can work anywhere, anytime and anywhere even when not at work.

7. With daily backups

8.You can choose to use a lease or purchase rights ** lack of affordable at a price you can afford.

9.Order forms can be modified to cook. And receipts Without charges

10. Providing consultancy and resolve issues that arise from the system. Throughout a lifetime

In simple term, it is easy to be good.

แอพร้านอาหาร สั่งได้ สั่งดี

แอพร้านอาหาร สั่งเร็ว ได้เร็ว
แอพร้านอาหาร สดวก รวดเร็ว ทันสมัย แอพร้านอาหาร สดวก รวดเร็ว ทันสมัย

Order Anywhere ทำงานอย่างไร?

Overview of Order Anywhere
     Work Order Anywhere overview of system behavior with Order Anywhere Client Server is a server that resides on a server that is running Colud many. Air together Processing Via Internet Send information to clients on a smartphone or tablet-based OS to Android as processors say it is, we use mobile smart phone. processing and Restaurant Management. Order Anywhere over the Internet by itself   
     From the image above you can see that users can use smart phones to receive the Order and print order cook. To the kitchen or bar, as defined. Through intermediaries called Wifi Router (Wireless Distribution Equipment) sends data to the host processor. And print orders to the kitchen and bar, and then when the bill. Cashiers desk to retrieve the bill. Using the tablet For more information on server processing. And receipt printing Store customers

ภาพรวมการทำงาน Order Anywhere

From the overview above. It is normal procedure that takes place in the overall business. But the details and capabilities of the Order Anywhere's more than that. There follows

1. Order a print order was made to the kitchen and bar.
2. Create favorite or frequently used shortcuts or menus. For quick work
3. To put more special. Items such as non-MSG, not too spicy so.
4. You can update / edit / No. of items included can be canceled.
5. To print the new food.
6. Settings menu to order a print on a printer defined by the user may type or food item. That takes longer than other foods. Print when lodging the kitchen to another room to separate foods such as fried or steamed to print to the kitchen, two (front stretch) and other items. May be directed to the kitchen, one for food items was normal. The set Separately, print up to 20 machines (by revenue details can be divided according to the size of the business).
7. A system and providing discounts to customers.
8. You can edit the code in the system such as unit of reference, the type of food.
9. be able to offer discounts Percent discount or rebate to customers, divided by type. Customers, special customers, clients, members, relatives.
   For example, sour แp๊asa normal selling price is 170 baht, users can give a discount. By category below
   - Cost 90.-
   - Customers 170.-
   - 160. Shoppers
   - 150 subscribers
   - 120 Kinship
10 can be used Some items can not be discounted as a special case as a percentage. 10% of all food except beverages containing alcohol York.
    The catalog The net is not reduced.
11. can move the table
12. cancellations or order a new print receipts.
13. can think like a customer sitting at the table to eat at the table, A1, A2, A5 and V1 but keep all the tables V1.
14. A user management system. According to the desired level
15. A report of the management system. As owner or browsing
      - The report rated the product sold **.
      - A report made **
      - Sales reports (details in the bill), set during the day / month / year, and print to a printer.
      - Sales reports (by date) scheduled during the day / month / year, and print to a printer.
      ** Can be displayed as pie charts, bars, vertical, horizontal, line, area.

Example reports with charts

ชาร์ท วงกลม แอพ Order Anywhere